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Ultra FieldHistory Tracker is a field auditing tool that enforces governance by tracking history data within Salesforce.This can help enterprises to get one step closer to their data security, privacy and compliance needs.

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Built on top of Salesforce Sharing Model

Field History in Salesforce

  • Tracking : Only Standard
  • Limited no of fields tracked
  • No tracking available on deleted records
  • Retention Only upto 18 months
  • No Reports & Dashboard
  • No Export & Download Facility
  • No Encryption of audited data.

Ultra Field History Tracker

  • Tracking : Custom & Standard
  • Unlimited Field tracking per object
  • Tracks deleted record history
  • Unbound Data Retention
  • Report & Dashboard
  • Download & Export Facility
  • Encryption of audited data
  • Filter Audited Data
  • Advanced Search Engine
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